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Company Picnic Specialist will create the perfect event for you and your guests. We have been in business for over 30 years and are one of the premiere company picnic and catering companies in Orange County.


We have access to ideal picnic and private party locations in Irvine Regional Park, at Irvine Park Railroad, and at other parks in the greater Orange County area. Our mobile operations can also travel to your place of work and offer a complete picnic for employees on site.


We offer menus from the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers, to ribs, chicken, and steak. All of our menus come with side dishes. We provide all picnic utensils.


From activities, organized games (for both children and adults), entertainment, and picnic concessions, you and your guests simply need to show up and enjoy the great food and fun.

Our Story


Mike and Tristan’s friendship goes way back to their childhood. Growing up as next-door neighbors, they quickly became inseparable and remained best friends throughout the years.

With a combined experience of over 20 years in the service industry, both Mike and Tristan have been actively seeking ways to enhance their careers. The perfect chance presented itself during a dinner with close family friends, where they discovered an exciting opportunity.

During the dinner conversation, the previous owner of Company Picnic Specialists, Steve, mentioned his readiness to step back and sell the business. This realization ignited Mike and Tristan’s enthusiasm as they saw it as a golden opportunity for their career expansion. Eager to explore this potential, they wasted no time and promptly arranged a meeting with Steve.

As destiny would have it, their meeting with Steve marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. They seized the opportunity and acquired Company Picnic Specialists, stepping into the world of the catering industry with excitement and determination.

Mike and Tristan’s anticipation is palpable as they embark on this journey to broaden their skill set in the catering industry. Their enthusiasm and dedication are sure to propel them towards success.

So, come and get it! Join Mike and Tristan as they venture into the world of Company Picnic Specialists, ready to serve and create memorable experiences for their clients.


Our Friendly Staff

Company Picnic Specialists, a business established in 1986, takes immense pride in delivering exceptional staff for company picnics and events. We prioritize professionalism and courtesy in our team, ensuring that you and your guests receive top-notch service. Our dedicated staff members are trained to assist with food service, activities, games, and more, making sure your event is both enjoyable and memorable.

Not only do we have a reputation for serving delicious food in the industry, but we also take pride in staffing each event with exceptional individuals who are dedicated to providing outstanding service.

With one call… we’ll do it all!

If you have any questions or if you would like a written quote, please call us at (714) 997-3656 or request a quote online.