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A Little Bit Of Our History

Growing up as childhood friends in South Orange County, John Ford and Steve Horn were inseparable. From the classroom, little league games and family vacations, John and Steve could always be found together.

At the beginning of the summer in 1977, John’s older brother asked Don Farmen if his little brother John and his friend Steve could work alongside him at the snack bar in Doheny State Beach, California. And, the rest is history. Both 13 years old at the time, John and Steve spent their summers and vacations working for Don Farmen. From renting bikes and beach gear, to selling sodas and burgers, John and Steve worked hard to learn the concession and catering business. As the years went by, they gained an increasing amount of knowledge, experience and responsibility.

In 1986, after being accepted to college, John and Steve learned of the opportunity to secure the food and bike rental concessions at Irvine Regional Park. They took a chance on their dream and signed a lease to operate their own concessions business. As things began to take off, they decided to expand their operations to paddleboat rentals and eventually in 1988 they started their own catering business, Company Picnic Specialists. John and Steve’s families and friends often pitched in to help grow their newly-formed business.

As Irvine Park began to attract more visitors, their business continued to develop and grow. It was John and Steve’s desire to provide an environment in the park in which people would simply have to “show-up” and enjoy a picnic. Word began to spread. Company Picnic Specialists had attracted the attention of small to large companies across Southern California. In addition to offering full catering services, Company Picnic Specialists had added activities, organized games and entertainment for both children and adults of all ages.

In April of 1996, John and Steve also founded the Irvine Park Railroad. This wonderful attraction has helped to make Irvine Regional Park one of the nicest regional parks in all of Orange County, California.

Today, Company Picnic Specialists is known as one of the leading catering services companies in the greater Orange County area. Since 1988, John and Steve continue to work with companies small and large to develop custom picnics to meet individual needs and ensure a great event!

From the initial conception to the actual event, we will plan every detail of your picnic. We also successfully manage and staff all elements of your picnic or event, while you simply relax and enjoy the day. Our friendly and courteous staff will provide excellent service throughout the entire picnic for you and all your attendees. At Company Picnic Specialists, we pride ourselves with customer service. Year-after-year, our clients continue to give our entire staff praise and accolades for their utmost professionalism.

With one call… we’ll do it all!

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